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A Guide to Accessibility at Our Theatre
Assisted Listening icon Assisted Listening
Assisted listening is essentially an amplified sound signal sent right to your ears by a set of headphones checked out from the theatre. Each ear has a separate volume control.
Closed Captioning Icon Closed Captioning
Our closed captioning units are a small lcd screen on a flexible goose-neck which fits in the cup holder at your seat. The device receives the captions via infrared signal from a transmitter in the auditorium. Prior to the feature, the device will display famous movie quotes to assist you in positioning. Please note that many previews/trailers and pre-show ads do not have captions.

Captioning is available on all titles where it has been provided by the studio.
Open Captioning Icon Open Captioning
Open Captioning displays the movie's dialog on the screen, similar to subtitles for foreign language films.

Open Captioning is typically avialable with our Sensory Sensitive showings.
Descriptive Narration icon Descriptive Audio/Visually Impaired Narration
Visually impaired narration is a separate audio track, where a narrator describes what is happening on the screen. This narration track is heard through headphones provided by the theatre. The regular movie sound - including dialog - is still heard through the speakers in the auditorium. For this reason, users may prefer to only cover one ear with the narration headphones. The headphones receive the narration track via infrared signal from a transmitter in the auditorium. Please note that most previews/trailers and pre-show ads do not have descriptive narration.

Visually impaired narration is available on all movies where it has been provided by the studio.
  Sensory Sensitive Showings
From time to time we present sensory sensitive showings of our movies. These showings are designed around the needs of people on the autism spectrum, individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, and anyone who needs a less intense sensory environment.

For our sensory sensitive shows we turn the volume down and leave the lights up part way. We use our open caption system to display the movie's dialog on the screen (similar to subtitles for foreign language films). We also skip advertisements, movie trailers and policy spots. These showings are intended to be a judgement free environment for anyone who needs to engage in scripting or stimming behaviors.

We typically offer sensory sensitive showings for our popular family movies, based on demand.
Theater Ears icon Theater Ears Spanish Language Track
Theater Ears is a free third party service which provides a Spanish language track for some movies through their smartphone app. Users listen to the audio through headphones attached to their smartphone.
Click here for more information about Theater Ears

Please note: Theater Ears is a third party service which is not part of our systems. Users must use their own smartphone and headphones. Availability is subject to arrangements between Theater Ears and the studios.
Please ask any theatre staff member for assistance if you would like to use, or try out one of these units. There is no additional charge to check out head phones or caption units, but you will need to leave a current photo ID or other collateral. Please feel free to call the theatre customer service line to check, or confirm, if the movie you want has captioning or descriptive audio provided by the movie studio.