Friday May 21
at the Drive-In

Despicable Me 2


November 19, 2020

To Our Valued Patrons

Lakeport Cinemas continues to be closed due to the ongoing situation related to the coronavirus, including the Governor's orders on Monday July 13.

Due to the recent spike in cases nationwide there have been many movie theatres which have had to push back plans to reopen, which has caused the studios to push back the release dates of new movies. Without a solid schedule of new release movies there is no path for us to operate the Cinema.

We continue to monitor the situation closely. We have every intention of reopening once we feel it is safe for our customers and viable for our business. With vaccines on the horizon, moviegoer research shows great excitement about returning to Cinemas nationwide, so we are still bullish on our business future, but we need to get that point in time. We have received extensive safety guidelines and protocols from and when we reopen we will be following those protocols.

Like many businesses, independent Cinemas, live theaters, stages and music venues all need help from our Federal Government to get us through these tough times. Imagine our society without any of those out of home entertainment options? "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" Visit to see how you can help.

On a happier note, Lakeport Auto Movies drive-in (located right behind the Cinema) is open with a lineup of classic and new release movies. Please visit our web site for operational days, movies and show times. While on our site, please read the Covid Rules page for a list of rules and social distancing protocols. We have not set a season close date yet for the drive-in, we will run as long as we can with your support.

We hope to see you again soon.